Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral

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Adult Ministries

We offer a number of education and social ministries for the adults of our community. We hope to see you at some, or all, of these events!

Bible Study

Do you struggle to read the Bible on your own? If you do, is it hard to understand what it all means? Come join us for a Bible Study one Wednesday per month from September through May. God bless your learning!  

Please check our Parish Calendar or Sunday Bulletin for the latest updates on this ministry. 

Orthodoxy 101

Orthodoxy 101 is a class offered one Wednesday a month.

These classes cover many of the basics of our theology and worship, which serve as helpful reminders for all of us, no matter where we are on our Journey of Faith.

Please see our online Parish Calendar to find dates this class is offered.


Catechism is the process by which adults learn about the Orthodox Christian faith in preparation to join the community. Our clergy lead Catechism classes in groups several times throughout the year. 

Please call the Church Office for more information. 

Young Orthodox Professionals of Worcester

This ministry is for those young adults who have graduated from college and are working full-time, and are wanting to meet others who are young professionals, finished with school, and working full-time. Events planned will range from cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the church, concerts, parties, bowling nights, and any other events you wish to plan. Please contact Fr. Nicholas Livingston at the Church Office or by email ( for more information. 

You may also request to join the Facebook Group here.

Young Adult Ministry

Calling all college students through 25 year olds. The time has finally arrived...a ministry program for you! A time and place where you can all meet, re-meet and have a great time getting to know one another in an environment where you are all comfortable and can relax and enjoy. We will be hosting parties, bowling nights, movie nights and so much more! We need you to come by and tell us what you would like from this ministry.  If you are a go-getter, join the committee to help with planning!

In addition to these events, we are creating an Orthodox Christian Fellowship at the Worcester area colleges. For more information about OCF, please contact Fr. Nicholas Livingston at the Church Office or by email ( for more information. 

Senior's Group

The Seniors of Worcester were first organized in 1981. We have a membership of 115. We are a very energetic and active group. The Seniors get together on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Some of our members watch the latest Greek news channel and discuss Greek politics. Other members engage in a game of Tavli, and others play Gin or read the newspapers. The women usually meet in the afternoons and bring some sort of food or pastries. The women discuss the activities in our community and new recipes or methods of cooking. We get together for noon luncheons and charge a very reasonable fee so we can meet each other and socialize. We have been trying to organize small trips so everyone can participate. Our dues are very reasonable at $20 per year. We would love to have more people join and experience the fellowship of our group.

The A.H.E.P.A has a beautiful home with kitchen facilities that we are able to use and enjoy. With winter approaching we realize how important it is for us to have a place where we can go and exchange our ideas. We also try to help the Ahepa with small donations which help defray some of the expenses. Whenever the church needs something we are the first to respond. The last donation made by our membership was for chairs and tables for the Church’s main hall. Please consider joining so that we may continue our mission.