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Saints, Feasts, and Readings for 04/06/2020
6th Monday of Lent

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Welcome to St. Spyridon Cathedral!

     Our community is part of the worldwide Orthodox Christian Church and, as such, we hold ourselves accountable to the faith of the Early Church and Apostles.  Everything we do and believe is of Scriptural origin and developed through the earliest centuries of the Christian faith.  Our church services, our sacred traditions, and our way of being as a Church reflect the ancient Christian understanding of selfless love, hospitality, philanthropy, and true joy.

Our community belongs the greater Metropolis of Boston under the spiritual leadership of His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios. Our community is comprised primarily of people of Greek heritage, but we have many others from varied ethnic backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to join us for worship services. 

     Being Orthodox Christians, we neither add to nor subtract from the ancient faith given to us.  As such, we welcome visitors regardless of ethnicity, race or any other human division to worship with us, to learn about this treasury of faith that we hold, and to commit themselves to this faith as well.  Once that commitment has been made, the whole world of grace and truth is then opened to you as never before.  If you may be interested in this, you may speak to one of the Parish Council members who can direct you to a priest.

     For those who are already Orthodox Christians looking for a new parish, we welcome you as brothers and sisters, and we pray that you will find our community to be as warm and embracing as our Lord would have us be.

     We hope that you will take this opportunity and embrace the faith given once and for all by Christ to His Apostles and, through them, to His Church.




Upcoming Services & Events

* * * Please note that all events have been cancelled due to the spread of Coronavirus. Our calendar reflects this through the end of April, at which time we will be in communication about future precautions. Services will be offered via livestream, but they will be closed to the public.