Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral

102 Russell Street, Worcester, MA 01609 • (508) 791 - 7326



Byzantine Chant is the traditional style of musical worship in the Christian East. The practice is made up of 8 melodic genres to which hymns are written and set, each one evoking a different emotion or message. Byzantine Chant is the older form of liturgical music, as contrasted to the Western Choir. In modern Greek Orthodox Churches in America, however, both styles and groups are utilized.

The chanting at St. Spyridon is directed by John Kritikos. He is an accomplished singer with a great love for ecclesiastical music. Helping him on Sundays and when available are George Panagiotopoulos and Nicholas Paleologos. 

If you are interested in learning more about Byzantine Chant or becoming involved in our program, please speak with John or one of our priests after services.