Coronavirus Updates

St. Spyridon Cathedral's Response to the Coronavirus 


Our community has, like the rest of the world, needed to change our way of life during this difficult time. Please check here for the latest updates for our parish. 



+March 19th: The Church Office and entire facility are CLOSED to all visitors. Please email the Church Office ( with any questions and we will respond as soon as possible.
As a change to prior notice, services closed to the public will be live-streamed on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. Please know that all services will be done with only the clergy present until further notice; the church will not be open. All scheduled services will be offered via internet livestreaming at our website (, Facebook (, and Youtube (



+ Holy Communion: Since many Christians are asking if the virus is transmitted through Holy Communion, we responsibly assure every faithful person that up until now in the history of the Church there have never been any cases where an epidemic of infectious disease has been transmitted through Holy Communion.
No one should feel any concern about the canonical implications of being absent from the divine services. We find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances that require extraordinary, but temporary responses. The holy body and precious blood of our Lord can never be a source of disease, it is after all for the healing of soul and body, but the COVID-19 virus can still be passed through the congregation. Out of love for our neighbor, we must do everything we can to protect the vulnerable by slowing the rate of infection not only in our parishes, but in the greater community, and thereby allowing the hospitals and medical community to more adequately care for those most at risk.
+ Hygiene: Personal hygiene is very important. Please limit your exposure to public areas which may be host to the virus; this virus can survive on a variety of surfaces (cardboard, metal, plastic, etc) for many hours. Please be cautious about public surfaces you touch and wash your hands as often as possible. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds. If you must go out, use hand sanitizer to protect yourself. Lastly, the virus can be spread over several days without any symptoms showing. This is one reason why social distancing is so important to practice, both to protect ourselves and others. 


+ Social Distancing: The recommendation of our civic authorities, medical professionals, and our church hierarchs is that everyone practice "social distancing" to limit the spread of this virus.
Please remember that social distancing does not mean cutting off contact with our loved ones. We ask that everyone keep in regular communication with family members and loved ones, especially those who may be alone. Call to catch up, to share each other's concerns and worries, to remind them they are not alone, to encourage one another, and to pray together. 
+ Fasting: We are in the period of Great Lent, a time of increased fasting and attention to God. We also are in a unique situation with limited access to foods. Your safety is the most important thing and we encourage you to eat whatever you have available. 
An important part of true fasting is being obedient to instruction that we may struggle with. This is a spiritual practice called "cutting off one's will". Cooperating with instructions from the CDC and our Church hierarchs to maintain distance between others and even close our churches is an expression of our obedience and humility. 


+ Prayer: Being at home can be a difficult and scary thing. We may be worried about our loved ones, for those who are sick and suffering, for the healthcare professionals treating those in danger. Remember that as Christians we take our fears and worries and lay them at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ in prayer. Please use your time at home to continue praying for all those affected by this virus. You can find services to be prayed throughout the day at Ages Initiative (CLICK HERE). Also please view this collection of prayers specifically in response to the Coronavirus (CLICK HERE).