Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral

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Stewardship 2019

Based on Christian calling to share of our Time, Talent and Treasure, we launch our 2019 Stewardship Program in the New Year. Please fill out a remittance envelope located in the church pangari or the church office and a card that explains Stewardship and our Christian responsibility in supporting our Cathedral. 

Upon a majority vote at the November 2015 General Assembly, a Required Minimum Contribution for Stewardship was approved. The 2019 Stewardship Program breakdown is as follows: 

  • $2000.00 True Steward
  • $1000.00 Cathedral Steward
  • $570.00 Family Stewardship (includes children up to 18 years of age, or up to 22-years old who are students)
  • $390.00 Single Individual Stewardship (18-years and older or married to non-Orthodox spouse)
  • $390.00 Senior Couple Stewardship (either spouse 65-years or older)
  • $240.00 Senior Individual Stewardship (65-years or older or married to a non-Orthodox spouse)

A Brief History of Stewardship at Saint Spyridon

The Stewardship Program went into effect on January 1, 1987, with the official announcement by the Archdiocese informing and suggesting that all parishes launch Stewardship to help their respective churches meet their financial commitment. 

The Saint Spyridon Stewardship Program has evolved over the years since its inception. Voluntary pledges of the past made by the parishioners have not met the operating expenses of the Cathedral. Therefore, approximately $2 million to date has been used from the Endowment Fund income, and Grecian Festival profits to pay Cathedral obligations. 

Our Cathedral must meet the financial needs of its annual Ministries and Operating Budget by way of its Christian Stewardship Program. The ultimate objective is to have each one of us understand how critical our role is in supporting our Cathedral through their Required Stewardship Contributions in a fair manner. Without 100% participation from all of us the Cathedral will not be able to balance its budget. 

Christian Stewardship Call To Action

We are requesting that each parishioner look deep into their hearts and souls and make every effort to make the Required Stewardship Contribution to our Cathedral. As in our homes and other facilities that have expenses it is important that we meet a budget. Therefore, we have made it easy for Parishioners to plan their contribution annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. Payments are accepted as checks, credit cards, or with Parish Pay. As we start the New Year, we are asking that you send in your Required Stewardship Contribution as soon as possible. Call the office to make the arrangement. On behalf of Stewardship Committee members, we are available to answer any questions or provide more information if needed.